is this me?

Bishops air their opinions about economics; biologists, about metaphysics; inorganic chemists, about theology; the most irrelevant people are appointed to highly technical ministries; and plain, blunt men write to the papers to say that Epstein and Picasso do not know how to draw.

~ Dorthy Sayers

not sure how I got to be a pastor who would preach on a Sunday. it is a humbling thing to stand before men and women and openly preach what is on your heart and mind concerning the word of God. It is another thing to consider myself learned in such things as to promote myself to others and say I would like to do it for you.

the qualifications for being a pastor are completely laid out in scripture and then added to be cultural expectations (the two rarely seems to line up with one another.)

it appears true to me that people are often put in the wrong places, making the wrong decisions, and it is true that we might have more insight to make a difference. however, it seems to me that we are so much more than our decisions. it seems to me that preaching doesn’t happen on a sunday it really happens monday through saturday. it seems to me that nothing worthy can really come out of my mouth on sunday unless God has somehow moved me during the week. not only in my preparation, this is not a pithy quote on preparing your message,

what i mean to write if is if you don’t live life with passion and vigor and towards a specific end then really you have nothing to share beyond what someone else has shared. the writers in scripture were fully engaged with God. it was no mere coincidence they were chosen by the Holy Spirit to write the words of God. God had placed them in their specific pastoral moment.


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