The Most Awesome Day: The Preamble

The day Adriane and I got married was by far the beginning of our greatest adventure and an awesome day. In heaven God was screaming, “You two get ready to live big or go home.” Life looked so easy on that day, and in a lot of ways it has been easy. Adriane and I would both agree the happiest moments of our lives began on that day. We found someone to share the joys and pains in this life.

Adriane and I are not romantics philosophically, we are realists who have an optimistic view on life. Our marriage has had tough moments but not because marriage is tough but instead because life is tough. So we figured as long as we had one another the world could bring whatever challenges it desired because we had each other.

Somewhere between Infertility and Cancer we were lost. Not from each other but from the idea that happiness was going to be something we would be allowed to enjoy again. Not simple happiness that comes day in and day out. Not joy that we have secured because our relationship to Christ. But somewhere in between those two where dreams and hopes lie. In many ways we had given up.

The day Andrew and Josh joined our lives was the first  taste of hope we had enjoyed in six years of that place between joy and happiness. They poured themselves into our wounds like medicine. We would like to think that we poured into their wounds in the same way. God was watching over all of us in the only way He could.

We needed each other. People will say how lucky our boys are to have us as parents. Others have said how lucky we are to have these boys. Both statements are so true. I don’t think ever in our lives have we had a better example of two groups of people that needed the other so much. We found each other in that middle place. Our family had begun.


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