The Most Awesome Day

Now why is the day that Sophia came into our lives (fighting back the tears as I write this in the auto mechanics garage, pretty sappy) the most awesome day? Why not our wedding day? Why not the day Josh and Andrew came home? Because as Adriane describes Sophia “she is a dream.”

She is a reminder of our wedding day and all the hope attached to it. A basic thing I believe as a Christian is that this life is not all about me. Adriane and I are willing to serve the Lord through the great moments and the most humbling and difficult. You can sometimes forget that God does want good and fun things for you. It isn’t all meant to be difficult.

Sophia is a reminder he can not just meet your need for joy and happiness but he can pour the water out in such a way that the cup overflows, spills all over your hand and the ground. Sophia is a sign of our cup running over showing us how the grace of God is like a flood poured out into a weak and broken piece of pottery.

It is the most awesome day also because our boys need her so much too. Our boys love each other to death (literally). They would walk through fire for one another. They have been there for each other since day one in a way that Adriane and I can only dream of. Sophia now binds us all together because all of us have been there since day 1. We all get to celebrate this shared experience that lands somewhere in between joy and happiness.

I can only begin to imagine the conversations that Josh, Andrew, and Adriane and I will have about missed moments of their lives that we get to share with Sophia. How we can say how sorry we were that we could not be there for one another at those times. How God was crafting each of us differently during our times away and how he brought us together at just the right moment. How our stories will all have difficult moments, but they will also have beautiful moments, and they will all have awesome moments. Then we will go play some Star Wars or something.

Oh to be a fly in heaven and experience God’s view of us as we experience these moments. Both good and difficult. Just a day in the life of a house beautiful.


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