The Most Awesome Day: The Timeline

October 3rd, 2011

7:30AM Sophia was making her entrance into the world.
Travis was making breakfast for the boys and getting Joshua ready for school.
Andrew was sick and Adriane was taking the day off to spend with him full of doctor visits, and dentist visits.

8:30AM Sophia was probably being taken to the hospital by her loving birth mom.
Travis was dropping Joshua off at school
Adriane was at home with Andrew playing some video games (every sick child’s dream)

10:00AM Sophia was being checked out and decisions were being made about who was going to take care of her.
Travis was in Berkeley reading books at People’s Coffee shop acting like a cool graduate student.
Adriane was getting ready to take Andrew on medical adventures

1:00PM Sophia was getting tests done and just hanging out.
Travis went to lunch with Hardy (elder at church) at the Bridges.
Adriane was picking up Joshua from school and heading over to Little Bridges for after day care.

2:17PM Sophia getting tests done and just hanging out.
Travis gets a phone call from Riva (Our Adoption Social Worker and friend) about the possibility that there might be a relinquishment at the hospital. A relinquishment means that the birth mother knows she cannot care for the child she birthed and is brave enough to help her child find a loving home quickly. Responsible Birth Moms = Awesomeness!!!!

2:24PM Sophia pondering life.
Travis calls Adriane and tells her voicemail to call him.
Adriane at dentist with Andrew finding out about a Cavity.

2:27PM Sophia just hanging out.
Travis drives inappropriately fast to get home and email Riva the letter for the birthmother and adoption flyer explaining who we are.

2:51PM Sophia still hanging out
Travis gets confirmation from Reva that she has the information and it will be taken to the birthmom.

2:55 Sophia knows something is cooking.
Travis gets ahold of Adriane and explains the possibility of being able to adopt a new born girl. Our guarded hearts take in all the information factually but keep it as best we can from entering our hearts.

5:08PM Sophia chill-in’ like a villain
Travis gets a phone call about a leak at the church. He pretends like he cares but really just wishes Riva would call. (Notice how good of a job I do of protecting my heart and not getting too excited.)

Remember the word gospel means “good news”. So the true gospel is Jesus’ message to the world, but man I really know what the Greeks meant by gospel now.

Riva told us the birth mother choose us as Sophia’s parents. Birth Mom was given five families to choose from. She shared them with her mom. They both looked at the five families seperatley and each chose one. When they showed each other who they chose, they both chose us! (Tears)

6:15PM Sophia doing her thing that she does so fine.
Adriane cries, Travis goes into super duper type A mode.

6:30PM Sophia = Awesome
Travis calls Adam, Melanie, Mom, Lisa, Scott, Kristina, Frank, Emily, Adam again, Scott again.

By the time the calls are done we have Adam and Melanie to watch the boys. We have Lisa coming over to bring some baby clothes. We have a bunch of people praying. Then Travis cries.

6:44PM Sophia continuing to be awesome.
Travis calls Sophia’s social worker Erin. She let’s us know the procedure for meeting Sophia. We need to drive out to the hospital in the town she was born. We need to call Erin when we get there and then we will get to meet the baby girl.

7:00PM Sophia, you get it by now.
Travis and Adriane tell Joshua and Andrew about their new baby sister. Oh how I wish we could have recored this moment as both boys jumped around and smiled like we have never seen them smile. They get super excited and we pray together.

7:05PM Adam and Mel show up to watch the boys. Lisa shows up with clothes (literally at the same time.) Thank you both so much for being awesome!!

7:10PM Adriane and Travis  jump into the van to go get their baby girl!

7:50PM Adriane and Travis in Baby’s R Us to buy an infant car seat. We think we have everything else taken care of but they won’t let you leave a hospital without one so this was a no brainer.

9:26PM Sophia begins to sense something is up.
Adriane and Travis arrive at hospital, they have a special birthing/ family wing.

9:45ish Travis, Adriane, and Sophia meet. Travis and Adriane=smitten.

10:30PM Riva comes by and offers for us to spend the night at her place once we are finished. She is awesome too!! She made all of this happen and we are so thankful for everything she has done with both adoptions.

11:30PM Sophia gets hungry and Adriane does the first feeding and changing.

1:00AM Travis falls asleep and is not sure what happens afterwards.

3:00AM Head out to our Riva’s home and say goodnight.

Oct. 4th, 2011

9:00AM Wake up and head out to visit Sophia in the hospital again.

9:30AM Get to the Hospital and start hanging out with Sophia.

11:30AM Started to get itchy about taking Sophia home and asked the Nurse when we might be able to head out and she said one more test and we would be good to go.

12:00PM Sophia heads into do a hearing test.

12:30PM Adriane and I take off to get some lunch at BJ’s and discuss various Sophia topics like future husbands, College, you know the small stuff.

2:30PM Get back to the hospital and Sophia is almost ready to head home.

3:30PM We get the news that Sophia is good to go home. The nurse comes and gives us encouragement and support. We get a few free goodies, but for the most part we are on our own.

4:00PM Arrive at Baby’s R Us for supplies. There are quite a few distractions there but we did not over spend and got just what we needed.

5:30PM Visit friends to collect a baby bed that attaches to our bed. This thing is awesome.

6:00PM Sophia, Adriane, Andrew, Joshua, and Travis are all home one big happy family.

Thank you for everyone who helped during our 24 hour adventure. We look forward to all the cool introductions and fun times to come.


13 thoughts on “The Most Awesome Day: The Timeline

  1. Travis and Adriane, I am so happy for you. It sounds like a wonderful day and it will be followed by many more equally as wonderful. God bless you all

    Aunt Linda

  2. We are so thrilled for your family as baby Sophie joins you on your journey together with God at the helm. Can only imagine your excitement and happiness at having a new precious miracle to love and raise along with her bro’s. God bless you all. With love, Ron and Suzanne Houck

  3. I am beyond words of excitement for yur family! We love you guys so much and cant wait to meet your beautiful new daughter!! xoxoxoxo Try and get some sleep 😉

  4. Such an amazing story! God is so good. I’m so excited for you guys and she is just beautiful!!! I can’t wait to meet her and give her a squeeze. Much love to your family of five!

  5. First of all, I love the photo of Adriane and the boys with their beautiful smiles!!! Now for the story…. that is the most awesome, inspiring and heartfelt story about true love on every level. We are soooo happy for you all! I am feeling bad about the leaking roof call though – LOL!

  6. I did not get to read this until today because other things got in the way. Yuri kept telling me I needed to read it – he said he could not tell me the story because your timeline was so wonderful. I love it and we are so so happy for you all!! If you need any help let us know – Claire loves those boys and I know she will love Sophia as well. Love the Alexandrian’s

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