What will we teach Sophia about her adoption?

We have been asked this question a lot over the years about the boys. It continues to be a challenging question and we are always considering its answer. One thing Joshua said when he learned of his sister Sophia was, “I hope she is tan”. Our hearts melted a bit because he knows that he looks different from us.

We know he looks like us to a degree, but you can say about almost anyone. He can tell which means he has questions, which means we need to be able to talk and discuss it with him.

How could we not continuously remind him how much of a son he truly is to us? I love the answer to this question given by Julie Lowe who is a counselor at CCEF …


1 thought on “What will we teach Sophia about her adoption?

  1. Travis, if you recall, I was also adopted and when I was about 3, I used to tell people that I looked like my dad because we both had black hair, and Brandy (the brown dog) looked like my mom because they had brown hair. It was a very simple explanation of who looked like who in my family. It is much like your son’s comment about Sophia being tan…

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