How will I pray for Sophia, Joshua, and Andrew?

Every night Adriane and I try to pray with our children(we are not perfect in this.) It has really helped me clarify what we really care about concerning our boys’ and  daughter’s future. Prayers are a gateway to understanding our hearts and in the end you really only pray for the things that are most important to you.

So here is what I pray:

1. I pray they will love Jesus. I want them to know  this life is just a beginning and there is a God who wants to know them forever. I want them to learn about grace, mercy, justice, compassion, sacrifice, joy and love from Jesus. I want Him to be their guide. I want  Jesus to be more than a one way ticket to paradise, but a savior/ friend/ king/ lover who will be with them forever.

2. I pray for their spouses. I don’t know them, but I am sure they are beautiful and handsome, smart and winsome, and lovers of Jesus.  I pray they are healthy and being loved by family. I pray they are being taught how to grow in their relationship with Jesus, to know Him like the first part of my prayer. I pray they will help my children know Jesus better. I pray my children can help them know Jesus better. I pray they want to have lots of kids early in their marriages so I am not an 80 year old before I become a grandpa.

3. I want them to learn to love their adoption story. All three of my children are adopted, my sister and I were adopted, and my mom was adopted. We have a wonderful family together and beautiful (although sometimes hard) stories of adoption.I want them to learn how to celebrate that God brought all of us together through this crazy thing called adoption.

Every Christian I know is adopted. That is what Jesus did for us on the cross, He adopted us into His family. You can’t be a Christian without being adopted(Rom. 8, Eph. 1).  Jesus taught us that family is more than flesh and blood, family is spiritual. I want Josh, Andrew, and Sophia to fall in love with their natural family, and their spiritual family. I want them to love their family they live with and their family they do life with. I want them to realize that family is something that God creates in so many different ways.

That’s about it. The rest will work itself out. If you see me at the age of 65 with a big smile on my face you will know it is because God answered these three prayers.


1 thought on “How will I pray for Sophia, Joshua, and Andrew?

  1. Hi Adriane and Travis,
    This is my first time to visit your blog. First, congratulations on your newest family member. Little Sophia is precious. Second, I love seeing the boys and their excitement. I haven’t seen them for a year or so. Finally, let me say I blessed by the way Truth is presented in your writing. God is the author of our lives and you have illustrated that beautifully throughout your posts. I will check in on you now that I know “where” to find you. Love and prayers,

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