The Family




We are a family of five. Three are under the age of five. Life is a little crazy.

Our goal as parents is to grow our marriage through raising kids. This means that Adriane and I must work to stay on the same page as we raise our kids. I have heard this principle forever but I never understood how difficult it is and why it is so important.

As an example let’s take dinner time. Josh and I are quick eaters. We prefer to eat and bolt. Andrew and Adriane enjoy the meal and take their time. My wife also thinks hanging out at the table is a good time to connect as a family, and read the Action Bible together. Adriane thinks the meal is a social opportunity while I see it as a get in and get out event.

Now Adriane and I easily agree with the goals and I agree she is right about dinner being a good time to do it. I also don’t have a better suggestion about when these goals can get accomplished. So why do I resist?

I think if I am honest I love myself more than I love her. I love myself more than I love my kids. I love myself more than I love God. It is a condition of my own selfishness.

This is where my family becomes my teacher and my student body. They show me my brokenness and they give my an opportunity to model Christ. This is the moment I really teach them about my faith. When I fail I need their forgiveness and when I succeed I need to rejoice in knowing them better.

This is also why I love my wife and kids because they let me see how Jesus works in my life and loves me.


1 thought on “The Family

  1. Please tell Adriane how happy I am for her…and your whole family. The pictures are adorable. As the mother of an adopted son (now grown) and a new grandmother, I know the joy of having a baby is immense. Such a blessing. And…the boys have gotten so big!

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