Happy 40th Birthday Travis (a little late)

In honor of Travis turning 40 this last November, here are 40 things I love about him (in no particular order). Chime in on the comments section if you want to add more!

Travis you:
1) laugh-cry with Adam
2) put up with my travel itineraries
3) sing “yo ho yo ho, a pirate’s life for me” to Sophia just to make her smile
4) have nerf gun battles with the boys
5) dislike Monday holidays b/c they intrude on your “alone” day
6) read 7 books at a time
7) are passionate about your faith
8) tolerate my cats
9) fall asleep like *that*
10) listen to my heart
11) observe thoughtfully
12) speak truth
13) give second third and fourth chances to those around you
14) speak to people where they are at
15) think you’re awkward in a crowd but you look more comfortable than me most times
16) are always up for an adventure
17) see the big picture
18) are patient
19) share what’s on your heart
20) look hot in jeans
21) are strong
22) are respected
23) are admired
24) are humble
25) know your limits
26) can and will talk to anyone
27) have an amazing sense of direction
28) assume the best of others
29) are fascinated with communication gadgets
30) are smitten with your daughter
31) know your boys
32) are just a little bit competitive
33) talk smack at Giants games
34) know how to fix most if not all computer problems
35) tell good stories (fast kitty)
36) can pull a skit out of thin air
37) make amazing sand castles
38) are a breakfast chef extraordinaire
39) rarely complain
40) sleep like a log (and snore like a bear)
Here’s to 40 more years!

6 thoughts on “Happy 40th Birthday Travis (a little late)

  1. Happy ‘belated’ Birthday Travis!! And Adriane thank you for sharing the love (& cute quirks) of your husband. You both are a model of all things possible! Continued blessings.
    xoxo, Nancy Klein

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